👋 Hi there! I’m Mike Auclair, a software engineer living in Chicago, IL. I work for Devoted Health, where we’re trying to build better health plan options for seniors.

Previously, I was Engineering Director at Ad Hoc. During my time there, I spent some time building front-end and back-end applications, designing the architecture for (and taking part in the implementation of) the new plan shopping experience on healthcare.gov, building out teams to take on new and existing work on healthcare.gov, staffing teams for new work across the company, and mentoring our corps of engineering leads.

Things I care about deeply include:

  • Building teams that feel ownership of the applications they build
  • Using measurement to drive change in systems, but recognizing that it will never tell you if you’re not building the right thing for your users
  • Mentoring engineers and those directly leading them, both technically and career-wise
  • Recognizing that the technological system is only one part of the wider system it operates in
  • Scaling systems and teams through simplicity